It’s now or never. 

Contribute to the turnaround!

The clock is ticking. The climate disaster is ante portas and it cannot be fought with words or prohibited by law. Yet, WE can forestall/stop it:


With new technologies and solutions, that are mostly readily available, but sit fading in drawers and stuck in a holding pattern.  The good news is that the pain becomes intolerable, and people therefore more courageous.


And there are frameworks for accelerating these established technologies at rocket speed into the now. With MOONSHOT, we have developed a disruptive process based on collective intelligence that makes a truly ingenious idea or research result operational in just 72 hours. If we really want to save the world, we must act quickly. 


With your support and more than 100 Entrepreneurs, Experts, Visionaries, Strategists, Connectors, Software Developers and Ingenious Minds that we have already gathered for MOONSHOT 4FUTURE, we want to find one of these groundbreaking ideas, implement it and make it a success!

We know we can do it, we have proof from 3 successful MOONSHOTS so far.


Every Person, every Company, every Institution, every Foundation, every Movement can support it in three -3- ways: with Money, with Knowledge and Expertise, with Work. 


Whoever is reading this, please support us. With Money by sending us a financially affordable amount and (optional for the supporters page) a photo with your name to:


With your Expertise, you can apply as Scout & Inspirator, Researcher, Mission Controller, Flight Director or Volunteer.

With your Work Experience, you can apply as Investor, Connector or Maker.

Or in a completely different way, one we haven’t thought of yet, you can please make a suggestion!

Thank you